Your phone is ruining your morning

I’m guessing you start your day the same way most people do…

…snoozing your alarm 3 or 4 times

…eventually rolling over

…reaching for your phone

…reading any messages you’ve received since you went to sleep (if you’ve not already checked during the night)

…before mindlessly scrolling through facebook and instagram

…and if you’re really bad…

…checking your emails!!

Even if you don’t do all of these things, I’d be willing to bet you do some of them and that most worryingly; your phone plays a key role in the initial part of your day?

We all have have a pretty unhealthy relationship with our phones but most people don’t realise what a terrible impact they can have on our self esteem and general motivation for the day.

Have you considered that you’re actually starting your day by focusing on other people’s lives rather than your own?

Social media is particularly bad for this. Think about what you’re actually looking at and how this can make you feel; one perfect selfie after another, this person has a better body than you, the next a bigger house, this person goes on nicer holidays!

You didn’t want to get up as it was! But now getting ready for work and starting your own day seems even less appealing!!

Why can’t your life be more like the ones you see on Instagram???

And don’t even get me started on checking your emails in bed!


Very few of us have jobs so demanding that we need to check our email in bed but yet so many of us do.

At best it’s a mindless email about something work related you didn’t really need to read.

At worst it’s the type of email that makes you feel sick in the pit of your stomach and you’re immediately feeling anxious about what awaits you at the office.

Either way, you haven’t even got out of bed and you’re already thinking about work.

It’s all so unhealthy!

Instead what about if we started the day off on our own terms, focusing on our own lives???

It sounds so simple doesn’t and it would make an enormous difference to your mental and emotional health going into your day.

And look, please don’t think I’m some dreamer giving completely impractical advice.

I’ve been that first person, in fact things got so bad at one point that I was refreshing instagram during the night if I went to the toilet and reading messages, often from clients, that had come through since I’d gone to sleep. I was even leaving myself reminders on my phone during the night that I couldn’t remember doing.

There’s absolutely no way I was getting good quality sleep!

I was then waking up, immediately becoming absorbed by social media, getting sucked into what other fitness professionals were posting. Getting drawn into unhealthy comparisons like why wasn’t my content like theirs, they do so much more than me and how come I’m not as lean as they are etc etc.

I’d then check my email and messages and quite often be feeling anxious and stressed before I even made it to the shower.

So trust me, I’ve been there!

Now my mornings look like this:

  • My phone is in the spare room so when my alarm goes off I have to get up straight away
  • I switch it off and get straight in the shower (this gives me time to think about my day and what I want to achieve)
  • I then do a quick meditation of between 3-10 minutes to get my head right for the day ahead
  • And then I’ll read any messages and maybe check social media

It might only be 20 minutes, but giving myself that first 20 minutes of the day has made an enormous difference to how I feel going into my day and I can’t recommend it enough.

(I no longer have emails on my phone so I will check them when I get to work, once I’m in a better headspace to deal with whatever comes up)

You don’t need to follow my morning routine but I would definitely urge you to look at your own and question whether it’s helping you perform and feel at your best.

The key is simply to give yourself time to gather yourself and focus on your own day before getting drawn into social media, texts and emails. Establishing what you want to achieve that day, not based on the demands of other people or comparisons with others.

Start your own morning on your own terms not someone else’s!