Never hit snooze again

There’s nothing quite as horrific as the sound of your alarm on a cold, dark Monday morning!

You’re nice and warm enjoying a dreamy sleep and suddenly you get woken up with the unbearable sound of your alarm tone!

You reach over, hit snooze and tell yourself you’ll get up in a minute.

10 minutes later you get the same anxiety inducing fright when your alarm goes off again.

Without thinking you hit snooze again and this time you’re definitely getting up!

And it happens again!

This is no way to start your day!

Putting yourself through that horrible startling, shock feeling over and over again!

But we’ve all done it and some of you probably do this everyday. You plan to get up and train or have a nice breakfast, and end up feeling bad because you’ve not had time for any of that.

Well here’s a way to ditch the snooze button for good and start your day without these multiple shocks.

All you need to do is keep your phone or alarm clock away from your bed, it’s that simple.

You can have it on the other side of the room, in the hallway, or in another room. I keep mine in my office which is in the next room.

The important bit is that you have to get up to switch it off.

I remember my old rugby manager telling me that the key to starting your day right and not sleeping in is to get your feet on the floor.

No one likes getting up in the morning, you never wake up thinking ‘I’m really glad my alarm has gone off!’ but once you’re up and moving you generally feel much better.

Once your feet are on the floor you’ve done the hard bit, you’re up!

I get up much earlier than my wife so I know when my alarm goes off I have about 0.4 seconds to switch it off before it properly disturbs her, and believe me, I don’t want that lol!

Seriously though, this has been a game changer for me. I get up when my alarm goes off, never hit snooze and I start the day more positively. None of the guilt about sleeping in, or that horrible feeling of being woken up over and over by that bloody alarm tone.

Here’s to starting your day on your own terms!