Testimonials & Results

Here's the Results of people I've worked who have been able to... get in the best shape of their lives... perform better than they ever have before at work... and nail the work life balance they've always struggled with.

Here's What My Clients Had To Say

David Haswell Director & Owner Bluebird Care, Director Vortex Training Solutions Ltd & Andragogy

“Working with Robbie over the past 7 years has quite simply, enabled me to be able to be the best version of myself. I am a father of two young children, as well as owning multiple businesses, which as any business is a rollercoaster ride.


Robbie equips me to be able to perform at my optimum, through my bespoke training plan, which is tailored to my needs and goals. The actual time in sessions is invaluable as it acts as a catalyst to kick start my day, and gives me the energy to tackle whatever is thrown my way.


His is education around food and lifestyle further supports the ability to be able to keep the engine going throughout the day and into the evening when I get to spend time with the kids.


Robbie is an integral part of my journey into the future, whatever that will be!”

Vicky Pattison TV & Media Personality

“I can safely say Robbie is the best PT I have ever met, the transformation he led me through completely changed my life.

With Robbie no two sessions are ever the same but they’re always a ridiculously high quality! It’s this versatility and knowledge that has kept me coming back- despite the fact I’m now based in London.

He is sympathetic and realistic but also an exceptional motivator and a brilliant listener.

I leave the gym feeling positive and ready for whatever the day throws at me- having smashed a tough session but also having talked a lot of stuff through too!”


Jeff Roberts Managing Director Roberts Environmental Ltd

“Training with Robbie has allowed me to understand that a balance is required between fitness, diet and mindfulness.

The overriding benefit of the training is that I have more energy to tackle the working day. The increase in energy by having a balanced nutritional diet has enabled me to clarify my thoughts, focusing my objectives not just from a well-being point of view but in terms of a business perspective.

This has allowed a more organised approach to workloads, the categorising of deadlines and the dealing with the pressure of running a business.

I have no doubt that working with Robbie has increased my productivity which has a direct impact on the business.”

Anthony Baker Executive Director and Joint CEO at Freedom Festival

“Robbie has taken me on a journey in my training which I could not have imagined.

The transformation he has enabled and encouraged in my body and also my mind has been extraordinary.

Robbie really cares and listens, devising challenging but always fun programmes to help meet your goal and then take you beyond.

I have lifted more than I ever thought possible, endured challenges and pushed myself more than I could have hoped and my body has responded and looks better than ever.

Thanks to Robbie I am now more confident with my body and my mind, I love going to the gym, with each session helping me become the person I want to be.”

Rob Miller Professional Rugby Player with Wasps RFC

“I worked closely with Robbie for approximately 8 months. His attention to detail from the outset was outstanding and within days I was given some clear and easy to understand guidelines and plans as to how I could achieve my nutrition and performance goals.

We spoke regularly catching up on how things are progressing both on and off the field and his expert knowledge and understanding helped hugely.

His nutrition plans allow for flexibility and factors in uncontrollable external situations.

Alongside advising me on nutrition, Robbie also offers a holistic approach to me as a professional sportsmen. We’ve looked at how I can improve my mobility in order to maximise my movement and also how I can link my nutrition with the correct rest and recovery techniques in order to be able to peak weekly for a match day.

I would highly recommend Robbie to anyone looking to make improvements in their health and fitness at whatever level. His detailed and enthusiastic approach is infectious and his knowledge is second to none.”


Sophie Secondary School Teacher & Women’s Rugby Coach

“I have trained with Robbie for almost 2 years and I can honestly say that it has been the healthiest 2 years of my life.

Luckily I started training with Robbie about 6 weeks before my wedding with the sole aim of looking great for my wedding day. Little did I know that I wouldn’t only look my best on my wedding day but I felt awesome too.

Robbie taught me the importance of posture, weight training and nutrition from day one! I never thought I would understand (or care about) macros, but I have learnt that training is part of the process but not the whole process.

I never thought I would do weights… but I do and I love it! (And no, it doesn’t make girls bulky, just toned).

I feel really lucky to have a supportive, encouraging, results driven trainer who has got me in the shape of my life.

With Robbie, results are a given.”

Adam Executive Partner DWF & Cricketer

“I have been working with Robbie for nearly 8 years. I am a keen amateur sportsman and Robbie has taken the time to understand me and what I am trying to achieve as I have got older and as a result I have maintained my fitness and prolonged my career.

Robbie has definitely helped me avoid or recover quickly from injury. He has helped me greatly with every aspect of fitness and allowed me to feel good about myself and my fitness levels.

He regularly changes my programme and adapts each session to meet my needs at any given time.”


Peter Ramage Assistant U23 Coach at Newcastle United Football Club, Former Premiership and Championship Footballer

“I’ve known Robbie for a lot of years, we were mates before having a trainer/client relationship, so when I needed to get in shape for my pre season starting, I knew he was the man to get me ready.

His professionalism in making sure I was ready to go was brilliant!

He pushed me past boundaries I thought I never had and my progression from start to finish to lift heavier with a better technique was great for me to see at the end.

Every session, from week 1 to week 8 was precise and carefully thought out so that at the end I was in the best shape I could possibly be to begin my season!”




“Robbie is the first trainer that has gotten me results by educating me on sensible eating.

His balanced approach allows me to enjoy the pizza, beer and nights out without the guilt. As long as I’m honest with my calories at all other times then I succeed.

I worked with him a few years back and although the training was , and still is first class I didn’t get results because we didn’t focus enough on calories. We thought clean eating was enough.

Robbie has evolved and so too has his approach. The balanced approach has worked for me but it only works if one is honest with themselves.

He also is considerate when setting goals as he factors in what is happening in my life. Weddings, holidays etc.

If you choose to work with him and are prepared to listen and be honest with yourself then success is inevitable.”


“Calling Robbie my personal trainer really doesn’t do him justice! He’s a mentor, friend and hugely motivates me on a daily basis. This isn’t just his job, it’s his passion.

Robbie is hugely dedicated to helping people achieve their goals through diet, lifestyle and exercise by making small, consistent and achieve able changes.

Since beginning training with Robbie, I have far more energy, feel so much more positive about my body, and in general; my mood has improved drastically and although on a rare lazy day when I can’t be bothered to train, I always come away feeling a million times better.

Robbie is always, incredibly positive which has such a motivating and inspirational influence, he knows how much to challenge you for optimal results, both in and out of the gym.

I don’t believe anyone could support me on this journey any better than Robbie has and continues to. I know I feel better than I ever have before and I know you will too!”


“I would like to say a massive thank you to Robbie who has really changed my outlook on weight loss.

I was always looking for a quick fix which usually meant starving myself with silly slimming shakes! I have also tried slimming clubs and nothing has ever stayed off as I have never learned how it all works and had a plan that suits my body.

Robbie went into great detail about my plan and I really felt for the first time I had a bit of an understanding on the nutrition and training I needed for my personal goals. The weight came off steadily and consistently and stayed off!!

Robbie was an excellent motivator throughout and really picked me up when I was having a wobble and made me feel good about myself again. He changed things up when required and showed real interest in what I wanted out of my training program.

I have my hen do next week and my wedding in a couple of months and have never felt more confident and beach ready! That’s all thanks to Robbie with the combination of nutrition and workout he has given me I look in shape for the first time in a long time!

I couldn’t recommend Robbie highly enough!”


“For some having a personal trainer is having a tailored weights session designed for them. Robbie does this and much, much more.

He has helped me rehabilitate after major surgery, advised me on my nutritional needs and made lifting weights enjoyable. He knows my limitations but still pushes me so that I see the results.

I always look forward to my sessions rather than dreading them because they are ‘personal’.

His bespoke advice and guidance is imperative to successful training – without him I wouldn’t be doing it properly.”

"I can safely say Robbie is the best PT I have ever met, the transformation he led me through completely changed my life."

Vicky Pattison TV & Media Personality

“Robbie has taken me on a journey in my training which I could not have imagined. The transformation he has enabled and encouraged in my body and also my mind has been extraordinary.”

Anthony Baker Executive Director and Joint CEO at Freedom Festival

"I feel really lucky to have a supportive, encouraging, results driven trainer who has got me in the shape of my life.

With Robbie, results are a given."

Sophie Secondary School Teacher & Women’s Rugby Coach

Real People, Real Results

Wedding transformation

12 weeks
11 pounds lost
2 inches from her waist
2.5 inches from her hips

Fat Loss and Strength Gain

16 pounds lost whilst increasing strength

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Developed a strong, lean physique and reduced body fat

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

18 pounds lost in 16 weeks

Fat Loss

8 pounds down in 11 weeks
Mum of 3 and intensive care nurse

Fat Loss

11 pounds lost
10.5cm off waist
17.5 cm off hips

Fat loss, strength & then weight maintenance

12.5 pounds lost in first 12 weeks, going on to gain strength, rehab injury and successfully maintain progress despite holidays and move to the other side of the world.

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

26 pounds lost

Fat Loss

Lost half a stone and completely changed her body and lifestyle

Fat Loss

35 pounds (2 1/2 stone) lost

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Developed a lean, athletic physique and learnt how to factor in foods and drinks he enjoys whilst still making progress

Wedding Transformation

7 ½ pounds lost in 6 weeks
11cm off waist
5cm off hips
3cm off legs
2cm off arms

Muscle Gain

22 pounds of muscle GAINED

Vicky Pattison

I trained Vicky for her 7 day slim DVD, helping her with her huge weight loss and presenting the DVD alongside her. I’ve continued to train Vicky since and contributed workouts and fitness content for her hugely successful book ‘The Real Me’.

Other Client Results

Here are some awesome results from other clients I've worked with.

20 pounds lost, going from 73kg to 64kg

14 pounds lost in 4 weeks

24 pounds lost in 9 weeks

Fat Loss

10 weeks and 10 pounds lost

Fat Loss

10 weeks

Fat Loss

2 stone lost and a completely new and improved approach to diet and exercise

Fat Loss

10 weeks. 11.5 pounds and over 20cm lost

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