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25 Fat Loss Tips

Here are a selection of some of the fat loss tips I recommend to people I work with. You don’t need to use all of them, and some of them will probably work better for you than others, that’s fine. But I guarantee that you’ll find it easier to lose weight, and keep it off, by including some of these tips in your daily routine.


1.Track your steps

I’m a huge fan of walking for fat loss and general physical and mental wellbeing. Buy a Fitbit, or something similar and start tracking how many steps you actually do.


2.Don’t drink your calories

To help manage hunger you want to be eating as many of your calories as possible. Try to avoid wasting them on things like coke and sugary, full fat milky coffees. Instead go for water, diet drinks, black coffees, skinny lattes and herbal teas.


3.Budget your calories for when you are most hungry

If you don’t feel hungry at breakfast time then keep your breakfast light, save your calories for the times where you are most hungry and will enjoy those calories the most.


4.Eat more vegetables

Filling your plate with veggies is a great way to help cut down your portion sizes of other higher calorie foods you might have otherwise. For example you’ll eat way less pasta by including a load of veggies on your plate.


5.Remember healthy isn’t always enough, pay attention to quantity and calories too

If you’re eating healthy food and not making progress then the chances are you are still eating too many calories. Even healthy food contains calories and too many calories will mean you wont’t lose weight, or worse you’ll gain weight. Try tracking your calories on an app like MyFitnessPal so you can control how much you eat too.


6.Eat more slowly

If you are always raiding the cupboards after meal times it’s probably because you are eating too fast. Instead slow down, put down your knife and fork between mouthfuls, chew more slowly and let your body actually register that it’s eaten. You’ll often find that once your food settles you aren’t as hungry as you thought.


7.Drink more water

Most of us could benefit from drinking more water. Obviously it’s essential for our health but it can help with fat loss too. Often we eat because we think we are hungry when in fact we are just thirsty.


8.Go for lean meats like chicken and turkey over fattier meats like beef, pork and lamb

Higher fat meats aren’t ‘bad’ it’s just that they are higher in calories. Swapping them for lower calorie, lean meats will mean you can make your daily calories go further (you can eat more food).


9.Tell a friend

If you’re planning on starting a diet then tell a friend, even better get them to join you. Having that accountability can really help with motivation and keep you going on the challenging days. You won’t want to let them down or let them see that you haven’t followed through on what you said.


10.Walk to the shops

Those quick visits to the shops throughout the week for a couple of things could be a great chance to get some extra steps in. Leave the car at home and walk instead, it all adds up.


11.Track for atleast one week

Tracking what you eat on an app like Myfitnesspal isn’t for everyone, but most people would benefit from tracking for just a week. You’ll get an idea of what you eat, how much, and the calories in those foods. It can be a great way of helping you make more informed choices.


12.Take the stairs

Imagine how many extra calories you’ll burn and the extra exercise you’ll get if you always choose the stairs over the lift or the escalator.



If you’re trying to lose weight but haven’t measured yourself then how do you know if you’re making progress? Track your progress using tape measurements, progress pictures and weighing yourself if you’re comfortable with this. And then repeat these weekly or fortnightly. That way you can keep tabs on your progress.


14.Cook in bulk

Make life easy for yourself by making extra every time you cook. When you cook an evening meal do an extra portion for your lunch the next day. Or cook a load of chicken breasts and veggies at weekends so you have them ready for the week. Make eating better more convenient.


15.Set goals

Setting goals can be a great way of staying motivated. Set overall goals and then break them down into smaller goals along the way.


16.Celebrate your wins

When you achieve these goals make sure you celebrate them and give yourself credit for your hard work.


17.Focus on your total calories in 24 hours, not when you have them

We often hear you must eat breakfast, or eat little and often to lose weight. What matters for fat loss is what you eat in 24 hours, so eat at whatever times work for you.


18.Save yourself cash and waste with frozen berries

Having frozen raspberries or blueberries in the freezer means they are always handy to add to your porridge or smoothie as a low calorie fruit addition. They won’t go off and they are much cheaper than fresh ones.


19.You can eat sandwiches and lose weight

Caught on the go and need something for lunch, sandwiches can be a great option. Just look for one with a decent amount of protein and reasonable amount of calories.


20.Plan ahead when eating out

If you know in advance you’re eating out, go on their website and check out the menu. That way you can take your time planning what you’ll have and adjust your daily calories accordingly if you need to.


21.Eat high volume, low calorie meals

Try to go for foods that are lowest in calories and will fill you up most when dieting. Filling your plate with low calorie foods like veggies and salad is a great way to help you feel like you’re eating more and bulk out your meals whilst keeping your calories low.


22.Avoid caffeine after midday

Drinking caffeine after midday won’t make you gain body fat but it might affect your sleep. When we are sleep deprived it can increase our hunger levels and cravings so avoid caffeine after midday to make sure of the best nights sleep you can.

23.Learn to be patient

Fat loss will never happen as fast as you want it to so learn to be patient and trust the process.


24.Find a way of exercising you enjoy

I always advise people try to include some form of resistance training in their exercise routines but you’ll have more success long term by finding something you’ll enjoy and stick to consistently.

25.Remember what works for your friend won’t necessarily work for you and vice versa

People love giving out advice when they’ve lost weight and telling you to try their diet, and it’s easy to get derailed from what you’re doing. Just because it worked for them it doesn’t mean you’ve got to ditch what you’re doing to try. Focus on building a plan and making changes that work for you and then give it time.

Your phone is ruining your morning

I’m guessing you start your day the same way most people do…

…snoozing your alarm 3 or 4 times

…eventually rolling over

…reaching for your phone

…reading any messages you’ve received since you went to sleep (if you’ve not already checked during the night)

…before mindlessly scrolling through facebook and instagram

…and if you’re really bad…

…checking your emails!!

Even if you don’t do all of these things, I’d be willing to bet you do some of them and that most worryingly; your phone plays a key role in the initial part of your day?

We all have have a pretty unhealthy relationship with our phones but most people don’t realise what a terrible impact they can have on our self esteem and general motivation for the day.

Have you considered that you’re actually starting your day by focusing on other people’s lives rather than your own?

Social media is particularly bad for this. Think about what you’re actually looking at and how this can make you feel; one perfect selfie after another, this person has a better body than you, the next a bigger house, this person goes on nicer holidays!

You didn’t want to get up as it was! But now getting ready for work and starting your own day seems even less appealing!!

Why can’t your life be more like the ones you see on Instagram???

And don’t even get me started on checking your emails in bed!


Very few of us have jobs so demanding that we need to check our email in bed but yet so many of us do.

At best it’s a mindless email about something work related you didn’t really need to read.

At worst it’s the type of email that makes you feel sick in the pit of your stomach and you’re immediately feeling anxious about what awaits you at the office.

Either way, you haven’t even got out of bed and you’re already thinking about work.

It’s all so unhealthy!

Instead what about if we started the day off on our own terms, focusing on our own lives???

It sounds so simple doesn’t and it would make an enormous difference to your mental and emotional health going into your day.

And look, please don’t think I’m some dreamer giving completely impractical advice.

I’ve been that first person, in fact things got so bad at one point that I was refreshing instagram during the night if I went to the toilet and reading messages, often from clients, that had come through since I’d gone to sleep. I was even leaving myself reminders on my phone during the night that I couldn’t remember doing.

There’s absolutely no way I was getting good quality sleep!

I was then waking up, immediately becoming absorbed by social media, getting sucked into what other fitness professionals were posting. Getting drawn into unhealthy comparisons like why wasn’t my content like theirs, they do so much more than me and how come I’m not as lean as they are etc etc.

I’d then check my email and messages and quite often be feeling anxious and stressed before I even made it to the shower.

So trust me, I’ve been there!

Now my mornings look like this:

  • My phone is in the spare room so when my alarm goes off I have to get up straight away
  • I switch it off and get straight in the shower (this gives me time to think about my day and what I want to achieve)
  • I then do a quick meditation of between 3-10 minutes to get my head right for the day ahead
  • And then I’ll read any messages and maybe check social media

It might only be 20 minutes, but giving myself that first 20 minutes of the day has made an enormous difference to how I feel going into my day and I can’t recommend it enough.

(I no longer have emails on my phone so I will check them when I get to work, once I’m in a better headspace to deal with whatever comes up)

You don’t need to follow my morning routine but I would definitely urge you to look at your own and question whether it’s helping you perform and feel at your best.

The key is simply to give yourself time to gather yourself and focus on your own day before getting drawn into social media, texts and emails. Establishing what you want to achieve that day, not based on the demands of other people or comparisons with others.

Start your own morning on your own terms not someone else’s!

Intuitive Eating

This picture is from a photoshoot I did with my good friend Chris Montague towards the end of 2016.

What I love most about this picture is that it represents how far I’ve come with my own training and nutrition.

I did no dieting or anything for this, I even had a pizza and a couple of beers the night before. I’m not super lean and I wasn’t trying to be. But I was happy enough with how I looked to take my shirt off for the shots.

Previously I would’ve dieted for months to look like this and spent the whole time miserable, stressed and anxious. I’ve now found a healthy balance where I can eat consistently and intuitively without tracking. My weight isn’t jumping up or down, I’m just staying in a good place and I’m enjoying my training.

Which is exactly where I like all of my clients to get to; with an understanding of what works for them and how they can have balance in their diets and staying looking how they want to.