Wedding transformation

12 weeks
11 pounds lost
2 inches from her waist
2.5 inches from her hips

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

18 pounds lost in 16 weeks

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Developed a strong, lean physique and reduced body fat

Fat Loss and Strength Gain

16 pounds lost whilst increasing strength

Fat loss, strength & then weight maintenance

12.5 pounds lost in first 12 weeks, going on to gain strength, rehab injury and successfully maintain progress despite holidays and move to the other side of the world.

Fat Loss

11 pounds lost
10.5cm off waist
17.5 cm off hips

Fat Loss

Lost half a stone and completely changed her body and lifestyle

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

26 pounds lost

Wedding Transformation

7 ½ pounds lost in 6 weeks
11cm off waist
5cm off hips
3cm off legs
2cm off arms

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Developed a lean, athletic physique and learnt how to factor in foods and drinks he enjoys whilst still making progress

Muscle Gain

22 pounds of muscle GAINED

Vicky Pattison

I trained Vicky for her 7 day slim DVD, helping her with her huge weight loss and presenting the DVD alongside her. I’ve continued to train Vicky since and contributed workouts and fitness content for her hugely successful book ‘The Real Me’.

Other Client Results

Here are some awesome results from other clients I've worked with.

20 pounds lost, going from 73kg to 64kg

14 pounds lost in 4 weeks

24 pounds lost in 9 weeks

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