High Performance Coaching

Helping you look, feel and perform at your absolute best everyday.

... to MAXIMISE your energy, confidence, home life and work life in tandem...

.. so you FEEL great, LOOK great and finally REAP the rewards of what you're truly capable of...



Learn how to UPGRADE all areas of your health and performance (so that you are succeeding and achieving your goals in all areas of your life)


Build HIGH PERFORMANCE HABITS unique to you (so that optimal performance is automatic and not left to chance)


Live your life ON YOUR OWN TERMS (so that you are thriving in your work life, personal life and family life)

LOOK, FEEL & PERFORM at your absolute best with a plan that fits SEAMLESSLY into your lifestyle.

My role is to have your back. You spend your life thinking of others, I'm here for you to give you all the support, motivation and accountability you need to succeed.

The 5 Pillars

Imagine how different life would be, how much better you'd feel, the improvement in the quality of your performance and life in general if you optimised all of these areas.


Your diet should add to your health and performance not take away from it. But it also needs to allow for practical considerations like deadlines, travel, social occasions. Learn how to build a high performance diet that does all this for you and allows you to look, feel and perform you best.


Too many people underestimate the performance enhancing benefits of rest and recovery. It is essential for long-term high performance but also in assisting creativity and productivity.


Sleep is one of the most undervalued aspects of our health. Discover why prioritising sleep is so important and strategies to help optimise performance when sleep is compromised.


Regular exercise is essential for both a healthy body and a healthy mind. Managing the type, intensity and duration of your exercise is crucial though in ensuring it doesn’t add unnecessary stress to your life.

Performance & Productivity

Identifying how and when you work best is crucial in ensuring your produce consistent, quality work. Building routines that compliment your ability to work optimally whilst also factoring in your health and wellbeing habits.






What's included

  • Health & Performance Audit
  • Planning Session
  • Nutrition Coaching & Fully Tailored Diet Plan
  • Individually Tailored Training Programme
  • Monthly Online Coaching Call
  • Lifestyle & Performance Coaching
  • Ongoing Support & Guidance
  • Weekly Progress Check-ins
  • Optional Daily Habit Check-ins
  • Monthly Client Recipe Book
  • SOS Support

Real People, Real Results

Here's the Results of people I've worked who have been able to... get in the best shape of their lives... perform better than they ever have before at work... and nail the work life balance they've always struggled with.

"Working with Robbie has enabled me to be the best version of myself. I'm a father of two young children, as well as owning multiple businesses"

David Haswell Director & Owner Bluebird Care, Director Vortex Training Solutions Ltd & Andragogy

"I have no doubt that working with Robbie has increased my productivity which has had a direct impact on the business. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Robbie."

Jeff Roberts Managing Director Roberts Environmental Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you write a meal plans?

    You will be provided with a 4 day example plan at the start which suits your goals and includes the foods you like. This is to act as a guide and we’ll work together to help you learn how to include the different foods you like to eat day to day.

  • Do I need to train in a gym or can the plan include home workouts?

    No you don’t need to be a member of a gym and I can provide you with workouts to do at home. If you have some pieces of equipment this is great but not essential.

  • How much will we be in contact?

    This is up to you. As a minimum we would be in touch monthly for our coaching call and weekly for your email check ins. You can also contact me with any issues as they may arise. And some clients prefer to be in touch daily with habit check ins.


Online Coaching Enquiry

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