My Goal Setting Framework

My Five Step Goal Setting Framework is a great way of getting clear on what you’d like to achieve and then developing that into an action plan.

So whether you’re still finalising your goals for the year.

Or if you’ve yet to start giving them any thought at all.

Work through the five questions below and you should have a far better idea of how to make 2022 a successful year for you!

1. Ask yourself what would represent a successful year in one sentence?

How would you like to feel and what would you like to have accomplished by the end of 2022?

2. Then elaborate on this and list the different elements that will contribute to that goal.

For example if your sentence is ‘to feel healthy, happy and make more time for me’, you might list losing weight, being able to run 10k and starting a new hobby.

3. Now ask yourself how far are you from being where you want to be?

If your goal is to run a 10k how far can you run currently, are you doing any running at all?

4. List WHAT YOU COULD DO to get there?

List all the potential options and people you could ask for support and advice.

5. Now you commit to what YOU WILL DO to get you there?

This is where your goal turns from something you’d like to happen, to an action plan you commit to. Write down what you’ll do when.

To make this process even more effective you can define mini goals. These will let you know you’re making progress along the way towards your bigger goals.