Will the plan still work even if I don’t do the gym workouts?

You can still get fantastic results by following the home workouts, you don’t need to go the the gym.

I work shifts, will this be suitable for me?

Yes absolutely, the workouts can be done any time. And the meal plan can also be altered to suit the shifts you work. You’ll receive information on how to do this in the welcome pack.

I cook for my family, can they follow the plan too?

Yeah definitely, all of the meals included in the plan are everyday meals, just with quantities that will match your needs. Your family can eat exactly the same they might just want to eat more or less. You’ll also learn how to factor into your plan the normal meals you and your family like to eat.

I’m a rubbish cook, will the recipes and meal plan be complicated?

Nope all the meals included in the plan are really easy to prepare with minimum ingredients needed.

How long until I see results?

Unfortunately the answer to this is it depends. The main factors are how well you can apply the meal plan and be consistent with the workouts. The sooner you get into a routine of eating well and training regularly, the sooner you’ll see results. But it does depend on how much weight you have to lose.

Are the plans just for fat loss, I’d like to gain muscle?

Unfortunately this group is just for fat loss.


I don’t have any equipment at home, will I need some?

That’s fine, you don’t need to use heavy weights to do the home workouts. If you don’t have small hand weights then a bottle of water or tin of beans will work fine.

I always put loads of weight on after following diets, will this be different?

The idea is that you learn to eat in a way that you can easily continue with after the 10 weeks. I want you to not only get in the shape of your life but learn how to stay that way.

Can I drink on the plan or will this ruin my progress?

Nope, a few drinks here and there are fine. I’ll teach you how you can include these without ruining your progress.