Expert guide to home workouts for fat loss

Not being able to get to the gym doesn’t have to mean you can’t get into awesome shape!

You can do some great workouts in your own home, even if you don’t have any equipment. I’m going to take you through exactly how you can put together home workouts to make sure you get the best results you can!

First up get moving!

It’s really important to start with a good warm up. This prepares the body for the movements you are about to do. It also prevents injuries and gradually increases your body temperature ready for the intensity of the workout.

You can do things like arms swings, leg swings, squats or lunges into an arm raise. Generally movements that are similar to what you’ll be doing but you do them nice and gently and build up the range of movement gradually.

Now you should be ready to go and tackle the following exercises one after another in one big circuit:

Start with the legs


Training your legs is a really effective way of getting you working hard and burning lots of calories both in the workout and afterwards. In terms of staying fit, healthy and strong they are great muscles to work on too.

So start with a big leg movement like squats whilst you are fresh and do around 10-15 reps.

These can be body weight to start with then you can add in dumbbells or if you don’t have any just use bottles or tins of food.

Next up hit that upper body

In the same way as your legs, training the larger muscles in your back is also a great idea for a strong body and good posture, and works you hard too!

Your body has just been supplying your legs with blood to help them work hard so now you are going to challenge it even more by working your upper body. It’ll now need to get blood up to those muscles which will really make you feel like you’re working and often makes you feel slightly breathless.

Rows are one of my favourite upper body exercises. They are great for a toned, strong back and helping to improve your posture. Again do 10-15 reps of these.

As with the leg movements if you don’t have weights you can just use bottles or tins for this.

Back to the legs

Yep now your body has to get that blood back down to your legs, this is tough isn’t it!

You might want to do a leg movement that works a different part of your legs now. Maybe a lying hip bridge or lunge to target your glutes (bum muscles).

Do slightly more reps here, say 15-20 of these.

Get the core involved

I always instruct people to keep their core strong when doing all movements so it’s constantly being used but that doesn’t mean you can’t target it with a specific exercise too.

One of my go to core exercises is a plank up which works your arms as well. You’ll go from a normal plank up into straight arm plank by straightening your arms, then back down.

Make sure you keep your body nice and still, aim for around 10-20 of these depending on how you get on.

There’s hundreds of different types of core and plank exercises. If you want to try some new ones with variations for beginners or if you’re more advanced check out 5 new plank variations for mums to target your core.

Pulse Raiser!

If you’re feeling super fit and want to tag something onto the end you could then do a 20-30 second blast of something like a burpee or star jump to really elevate your heart rate.

Or if you’re just getting started try marching on the spot for 30 seconds to keep yourself moving and build that fitness.

Once you’ve completed all of those exercises you can catch your breathe and have a drink. Rest for say 60-90 seconds and then go again and aim to repeat the circuit 2-3 times.

Finish with a stretch

After all that work it’s a good idea to finish with a cool down. It will allow your body to gradually come back to normal and stretching those muscles you’ve just worked will help prevent soreness.

Aim to stretch the major muscles you just worked. So perhaps your thighs, hamstrings and back. Holding each stretch for 15-30 seconds and taking nice deep breaths.

Workout Summary

So an example workout could look like this:

5 minute warm up
Squat 15 reps
Row 15 reps
Hip Bridge 15 reps
Plank Ups 15 reps
Burpee 20 seconds
Rest 60-90 seconds and repeat 2-3 times
5 minute cool down

This looks simple on paper but will give you a great full body home-workout that will burn loads of calories both during and after the workout and keep you strong, fit and moving well!