Eat more to lose weight!

This got your attention didn’t it! But surely it’s too good to be true?!

Well let me explain what I mean by this and how the approach that I’ve been using with some of my clients recently could help you make progress with your weight and fat loss.

Let’s say you’ve set your calories at 1200 per day and yet you can’t lose weight. You’re becoming increasingly annoyed because you’re really trying and making sacrifices but you just aren’t seeing the changes you’d like.

I’d be willing to bet that you aren’t actually eating 1200 calories, and whilst this might be what you have on a good day, the ‘not so good’ days are meaning on average you are eating way more than this. You might be doing this Monday to Thursday then losing motivation and eating and drinking whatever you like for the rest of the week for example.

I see this happen a lot, and the way to find out is to total up what you’ve eaten over say 10-14 days and take an average. More often that not people are eating at least 200-300 calories more per day than they think. So in this case this individual would actually be eating 1400-1500 calories.

And this is presuming they are entering everything they say they are. Quite often when people go rogue and off track they stop tracking at all and they could be eating thousands of calories more than they realise.

So what’s the problem and how does eating more solve this?

The problem is that people are being over ambitious on their good days and then pushing themselves to the point that their willpower gives out and they have what I call the ‘f*#k it moment’.

Increasing your calories can solve this by stopping that ‘f*#k it moment’ from happening.

If you’re eating 1200 calories on good days but ending up averaging over 1500 calories because of the ‘f*#k it’ days, increasing your calories to 1350 could be the answer. As you can see with this approach you are eating more than you were intending to on good days but you are actually eating less overall (so yes title of this blog was misleading sorry).

From a practical stand point you get to eat more on a daily basis, you have more scope for including things you like and because of this your willpower doesn’t get pushed to the limit and that ‘f*#k it moment’ never comes.

I’d rather someone ate slightly more day to day and stayed on track and consistent than pushed to hard for a day or two at a time and then completely goes off plan.

Making significant, lasting changes to your body is about following a plan you can stay consistent with over time and this is a perfect way of doing this.

That slight increase on your daily calories might be just enough to allow you to factor in things like meals with friends without the need to blow the diet.

So if you aren’t seeing the progress you’d like the first step is to take an honest look at your week as a whole, are you being as accurate and consistent as you’d like?

Track EVERYTHING you eat and drink for a week to ten days, total up the calories for that period and take an average, is it more than you expected?

If that’s the case maybe take a sensible approach and make an increase to your daily allowance and see if eating more can help you to be more consistent and make the progress you want to.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on if you do!

Ps this was the most appropriate image I could find to match this blog! By all means use those extra calories to eat cake lol, everything in moderation! #happybalancedife