How Becoming A Dad Has Changed My Training

It’s been 4 months now of Dad life and I’m just about adjusting to it all.

I was thinking about how my training has changed:

  1. Not training as often and shorter workouts (I have less time)
  2. Less intense workouts (I have less energy)
  3. More compound movements (‘bang for your buck exercises’ to make efficient use of time)
  4. More back exercises and deadlifts (to stay strong for carrying our little boy)
  5. Shorter, slower runs (I can’t recover from anything more)

I’m definitely not as fit or strong as I was this time last year, but the main thing is I’m still training.

3-4 short runs/workouts per week is working for me.

It’s helping me keep a good level of strength and fitness.

And it’s really important for my mental wellbeing, which plays a key role in allowing me to show up and perform as I need to at work and at home.

I’m a big believer that our training needs to adapt to the demands in our lives.

Because it should always be there.

We don’t stop needing the mental and physical benefits of exercise just because we’re busy.

In fact it’s probably needed more when we are (particularly for the mental release)

If being busy means your training stops, look at how you could adapt it so it can still feature.

Shorter, lighter, less frequent workouts are better than no workouts.

If you’d like some help tailoring your training to the demands of your life, feel free to get in touch.