3 tips to help you lose stubborn belly fat

Closeup of young woman with measure tape

We all have areas on our bodies where we more easily store body fat. For some people it can be their arms, legs, lower back, faces, but I often hear people asking how they can shift it specifically from their stomach.

So here’s the thing and I think it’s important that you are given correct information and I always want to educate you all:

You can’t specifically target certain areas on your body that you want to lose body fat

Hang on what???

But aren’t magazines full of exercises and supplements that say they can target and strip body fat from particular areas of you body? Yes but that doesn’t mean they are right.

I’m not here to slam any particular products but it’s just not the case. I wish it was!

However that doesn’t mean that you can’t still shift that stubborn belly fat, it just means you can’t specifically target it. You can’t drink a detox tea or do a particular exercise that will magically target the fat on your stomach, it just doesn’t work like that.

Basically you need to get your body to burn body fat, once it’s doing that it will lose it from whatever areas you genetically lose it from first, but in time it will also lose it from your stomach too. Some people are lucky and their body’s will lose it from their stomachs first, for other people it just takes a little longer.

So what about these 3 tips I put in the title to get you to read this blog?

Well I knew that title would get you reading this, which would give me the opportunity to educate you and set you straight.

But I do still have 3 tips that will help you to burn body fat and therefore will also in time shift that stubborn belly fat too!

Tip Number 1: Get into a calorie deficit

This isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It basically means eating slightly less than your body needs which will in turn lead to your body losing fat.

The way you do this is by keeping track of how much you eat and also measuring and weighing yourself. If you are losing weight and your measurements are coming down then it’s likely you are in a deficit.

If you aren’t seeing any progress then you might need to reduce how many calories you are eating slightly. The key though is to only reduce slightly. If you reduce your calories too much you’ll have no energy, feel like crap and very quickly give up on the whole thing.

Tip Number 2: Exercise

As well as controlling how many calories you eat, another way of helping to put your body into a calorie deficit is by exercising. By exercising you will burn additional calories both during the workout and afterwards as your body recovers.

This can be anything like walking or swimming to classes at your gym. Ideally you would do resistance exercises that use the larger muscles in your body like your legs and back. These are great for getting your body working and as I’ve said keeping it burning extra calories long after you’ve finished the workout.

You can also do exercises and workouts that target your stomach area. These don’t burn as many calories as things like squats so don’t have as much impact on over all fat loss but it is still helpful to work those areas. As much as anything doing core work can help to keep your lower back and core strong and improve your posture. This will mean that you can maximize how good your body looks as you start to lose body fat.

Tip Number 3: Be patient

We are all guilty of being impatient when it comes to changing our bodies. But the unfortunate truth is that we didn’t get out of shape over night so we aren’t going to get back in shape over night either.

However that doesn’t mean that you can’t make quick progress by following the tips above.

The key is to just get into a good routine with good habits and then just trust the process.

It can be really helpful to take pictures as well as measurements because often we don’t see the progress in ourselves because we see our bodies everyday. By repeating the pictures every once in a while you can compare and see how far you’ve actually come. This can be a great way of staying motivated when you are struggling.

I hope this blog helps and give these 3 tips a try, you can lose that stubborn body fat it just takes time and patience!

Good luck!