Weekly email: You can’t diet all the time

I’m really enjoying being a bit more relaxed with my diet at the moment.

I love being lean but I also love food!

In the last week I’ve had beers, wine, donuts, pizzas, currys, ice cream and cake.

If I was dieting I would still have been able to have some of these things but not all of them.

After spending around 6 weeks dieting in the run up to the stag do I went on at the start of May, I was ready to ease off a little.

No matter how sustainable you make your diet there’s got to be an element of restriction. This issomething I can handle when I have a goal in mind but at the moment I don’t so it’s great to be able to eat a bit more.

I was really happy with how lean I was before the stag do but I’m not going on holiday until mid August so there’s no need to stay that lean. (For me holidays always provide the best motivation to get in shape, does that make me vain lol?!)

But just because I’m relaxing my diet this doesn’t mean I’ve got to pile on the pounds and go completely the other way.

So how do I eat all this and avoid going off track and piling on the pounds then?

Because my everyday habits and routines don’t change whether I’m dieting or not.

I continue to fast most days, I train regularly, I eat the same things, in the same quantities for most meals. I would say 90% of my diet is unchanged.

It’s just the additional 10% of the time where I’m more relaxed. I might have a dessert as well as a few glasses of wine with dinner, I’ll go for whatever I want if we’re out for lunch, rather than a low calorie option, and follow that up with some cake!

The way I try to do things is I aim to stay in ‘good’ shape all year round by training regularly and having good habits in place. And then once or twice a year I’ll tighten things up a bit, reduce my calories to place myself in a calorie deficit and try to get in ‘better’ shape.

The good habits and routines mean I’m only ever 2-3kgs and 4-6 weeks from being in better shape which I really like.

Right now I know I’m a few pounds heavier and I don’t look as lean but I’m good with that.

Life is too short to stress over gaining a pound or two, don’t put unrealistic pressure on yourself to be in your best shape all year round. Not only is it unrealistic, it’s not sustainable for most people either.

But at the same time remember that this doesn’t mean your progress has to go out the window either. Keep good habits and routines in place that allow you to relax and enjoy that happy balanced life too 🙂