Weekly email: Are you TOO motivated?

Any time I start with a new client or a client comes back after a break we’ll pretty much always have the same sort of conversation…

They’ll tell me they have no interest in drinking alcohol for the foreseeable future, that they’ll workout everyday and all they want to eat is clean, nutritious food.

They mean it when they say it but I’m listening thinking, I’ll remind you of this in a week when you’ve only managed to train twice and you’re clamming for a bottle of wine and a pizza!

I know from experience that this all guns blazing, intense, super restricted approach rarely works.

People soon run out of steam or life will just get in the way.

Instead I’d far rather come up with a more sensible, sustainable approach that doesn’t require them to be motivated to the max and will still be effective.

Of course this is the last thing they want to hear.

People don’t hear sensible and sustainable they hear boring, slow or no progress.

They don’t want steady progress over time they want overnight results!

Look if the intense, all guns blazing approach worked then I’d use it with more people but it doesn’t. You might get 3-4 days like this but then most people break and go completely off plan for the rest of the week. If you’re lucky you get them back again the following week, only for them to repeat the process.

This is a great way to go nowhere fast!

You all know the story of the hare and the tortoise, slow and steady does usually win the race, especially where dieting and training is concerned.

I heard a great quote last week,

“it takes discipline to do less”

The easy option is to throw yourself into something in the hope you’ll get drastic overnight results. But it takes discipline and patience to go for a more sensible approach that will be far more likely to bring results in the long term.

Your motivation is great but being too motivated can mean that you ultimately set yourself up to fail by having unrealistic expectations.

So if you keep finding yourself trying and failing when it comes to dieting, maybe reign in that initial motivation a little and instead challenge your discipline by going for the slow and steady approach!