Weekly email: Hang on, can I eat bread or not?


I totally get why people find the whole diet and nutrition thing confusing!

I’m just as much to blame…

Just a few years ago I’d be telling clients they need to avoid things like bread, where as now I spend my time trying to explain to them that it’s okay to eat these things!

Talk about confusing!

My defence is that I’m constantly trying to improve the methods that I use with training and diet. And because of this I’m willing to be wrong and change the approaches I use.

I love being able to do this but I do know that at times it can be confusing, especially when it comes to clients that I’ve worked with in the past.

I’m working with a client at the moment who I worked with back in the days when I was encouraging my clients to ‘eat clean’. (At the time that’s what most of us in the fitness industry thought was what you needed to do to lose weight. Of course we now know that you don’t need to eat completely clean 100% of the time to lose weight)

He’s still got that mentality from then that he needs to be eating completely clean to make progress. As you can imagine he’s finding it hard to get his head around the fact that I’m now telling him he can eat the things he previously thought of as ‘bad foods’.

I totally understand that this can be confusing for him and you guys probably find it too.

But I don’t make any apologies for wanting to find the most effective approach and if that means going back on or saying something different to what I’ve recommended in the past, I’m willing to swallow my pride and accept that.

The way I like to think about it is that the previous methods weren’t necessarily wrong, it’s just that we now know of methods that are more effective. A bit like medication has improved to have less side effects than it used to.

All I want is to help people achieve their goals in the best way they can and with as fewer side effects, restrictions and disruption to their lives.

If like my client, you find the advice on diet and training confusing or the range in methods and approaches contradictory, the first thing I’d say is to accept that there are always going to be different opinions out there. This is the same with everything; cars, mortgages, politics.

If your car was making a funny noise and you took it to 3 different garages you’d probably get 3 different answers on what’s wrong with it.

People will always have different opinions and ideas on what’s best. The key is to find someone you trust and listen to them. Try to find out why they recommend the approaches they they do and if you trust and understand their reasons then go with it.

And I’ll apologise in advance for if and when I start recommending advice that’s different to what I’m telling you now lol!

Oh and if you want more info from someone far cleverer than me on why eating bread is fine then click here to watch a video by my good friend Gordon Greenhorn