Weekly Email: The Katsu Curry that changed everything

Who knew a Chicken Katsu Curry could be such a game changer!!!!

Last year one of my PT clients came in for her session, we’d been working together for a month or so and she was making really good progress, but I could see she was visibly upset.

I was feeling really positive about her progress at this stage and so should she have, which was why I was so surprised to see her come in so upset.

It turned out that the reason was because of an unexpected trip to Wagammas with a friend the night before.

She hadn’t planned on eating out and hadn’t had a chance to plan what to go for. Caught on the hop she’d gone for the Chicken Katsu Curry and that’s where it had all gone wrong (or so she thought).

After she’d eaten her meal she realised the Katsu Curry was a hefty 1180 calories, about two thirds of her daily calories.

Considering how well she’d been doing she felt like this had ruined all of her progress and it had really hit her hard.

From the outside I was able to see that really this wasn’t a big deal, one meal, no matter how high calorie is never going to ruin your progress. But when you’re new to dieting, and have been doing well, it’s easy to feel this way.

We talked through what she could have in future and lower calorie options from Wagammas.

We also talked about how to select appropriate options from restaurants that don’t have websites or nutritional information available.

And most importantly we discussed how one meal doesn’t make or break your progress and how to handle these situations in future both practically and mentally if you do end up eating more than planned.

After we had talked it all through I told her I was pleased she’d ordered the Katsu Curry which she found hard to believe! But it had given us a massive amount to learn from and we now had some awesome strategies moving forward.

These days she doesn’t even bother telling me when she’s been to Wagammas and takes it in her stride. She’s someone that eats out a lot and whilst this does present challenges, it hasn’t stopped her from making brilliant progress.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there will be times where things don’t go to plan, you might view them as f*@k ups at the time, but actually they can be really good things to learn from.

And even if, worst case scenario, you do blow your calories for the day or even the week because of it, if you learn something that will help long term, then that’s not really a f*@k up at all.

If and when anything like this happens just ask yourself why it happened and what you can do to help avoid it happening again, or deal with it better in future.

A bit like my client and her Katsu Curry, your next ‘f*@k up’ might be the best learning opportunity and be really important in helping you make progress long-term.