How to enjoy Christmas without any unnecessary weight gain

Christmas is a time to enjoy eating, drinking and socialising and that should definitely be the main focus but by following these simple tips you can do that and still go into January looking and feeling good.

Tip Number 1: Indulge but just not all the time

There might well be days where you have a Terry’s chocolate orange for breakfast but that doesn’t need to happen every day between Christmas and New Year.

Try to throw in a bit of normality here and there by having your usual breakfasts and lunches occasionally and this will help reduce the excess eating.

It will also mean that you enjoy the indulgences rather than the whole of the holidays feeling like one big binge.

Tip Number 2: Keep Active

When you are off work and out of routine it can be easy to knock your training on the head too.

You might not be able to get your normal number of workouts in, or get to your usual gym but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be active.

Go for walks, maybe try a run or two, do things that you wouldn’t normally do. You’ll enjoy it and it will keep you moving and burning calories.

Tip Number 3: Drink water

As I’ve mentioned when you are out of routine it’s easy to stop doing all the things you’d normally do. For me one the first things that I stop doing is drinking enough water. If you combine that with drinking way more alcohol than normal and eating saltier foods it’s very easy to end up feeling dehydrated quick.

Often when you feel like this you reach for the food rather than fluid because you think incorrectly that you are hungry rather than thirsty.

At the very least drink plenty of water at the start and end of the day and try to keep sipping throughout the day too where possible.

These are three very simple tips that will in no way ruin your Christmas, you can enjoy it and then start the New Year free from guilt and ready to kick on towards your goals.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!